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Prickly Pear Seed Oil  

   After the cold pressing of seeds, the prickly pear oil has multiple moisturizing and anti-oxidant, making it a powerful anti-wrinkle treatment to be applied to the eye. Its richness in vitamin E and sterols confer protective benefits to the skin.

   Cactus oil also has restorative virtues: it reduces scars, acne pimples and reduce stretch marks.

   Its texture is less greasy than other oils such as almond oil. Which enables it to rapidly penetrate the epidermis. Because of its particular smell, it is recommended to be used at night at bedtime.

   Recommended for all skin types: oily, dry or mixed, it consumes at any age and in any moment. It is considered a real makeover and its effects are visible in just weeks.

   Tenseur remarquable de la peau, c'est une véritable cure de jouvence et ses effets sont visibles en quelques semaines seulement.

   The oil is also recommended to condition hair. She feeds them and gives them their shine. It also proves ideal bath oil before shampoo to thwart the effect "raplapla" hair dry in summer.

Products :

Prickly pear seed oil :
   MIRACLES DU SUDoil seeds prickly pear is an extraordinary rejuvenation treatment, it delays skin aging, promotes cell renewal and reduces dark circles and wrinkles by providing protection against daily aggressions.

Beauty Elixir
   The combination of argan oil and Prickly pear oil nourishes the skin in depth and provides a natural protection for skin. It also preserves the firmness of the skin over time. It is recommended to apply every evening on cleansed face and neck .
Care Cream of organic prickly pear seed oil :
   Nourishing cream intensive care, her soft, light texture has a very soft natural fragrance. Its formula without paraben with rareprickly pear seed organic oil acts as moisturizing repair treatment, nourishing and anti-aging to preserve youthful skin and prevent skin aging.
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