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Argan Oil  

   Used by Berber women since the dawn of time, argan oil is a special beauty elixir. Its restructuring and nourishing properties and its high content of vitamin E and antioxidants make it a miraculous anti-wrinkle, ideal for revitalizing the skin, nails and hair.
   This oil is extracted using traditional methods of the argan tree, an ancient tree found in Morocco, mainly in the south-west.
  • A reinforcing oil for nails
  •    A drop applied to each fingertip before polishing nourishes and strengthens soft and brittle nails.
       Argan oil is also an excellent tool for women who have trouble pushing back their cuticles. Just because the moisturizing qualities of argan oil helps soften the skin cuticle.
  • A moisturizer for hair
  •   Applied regularly mask, argan oil is an outstanding remedy against hair dull and brittle.

Products :

Organic Argan Oil :
  THE MIRACLES DU SUD argan oil is a natural cosmetic facial and body hair. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants such as omega 6 and vitamin E play an important role in cell renewal.
Shampoo :
  Designed with no sulfates, parabens or colorants, the MIRACLES DU SUD shampoo contains nourishing and restorative benefits. This natural formula protects hair from drying effects of limestone due to its pure base. hair regains suppleness, shine and sparkle.
  Designed with no sulfates, parabens or colorants, the MIRACLES DU SUD formula was created to restructure all hair while giving them a natural smoothing effect.
Hair oil treatment
  There’s nothing better than taking care of your hair with argan oil.
   Theoil MIRACLES DU SUD cares with argan oil to be nourishing, strengthening and making your hair shining.

Care cream with organic argan oil
  Designed withoutparabento take care of your skin, we selected for you the traditional ingredient of beauty of the South: the argan oil in a moisturizing cream in the generous texture.
  Cream rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acid helps the skin to regain and retain its suppleness and softness, acts against dryness, dehydration and skin aging.

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