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Black soap  

   Made with 100% natural olive oil, the MIRACLES DU SUD black soap is made according to an ancestral traditional process.
   With its gentle exfoliating action, it eliminates dead cells and refine skin texture.
   Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, its regular use guarantees a smooth and velvety skin.    Ideal for all skin types its use is recommended before waxing.

Products :

Black soap - Narure :
  Pure olive black soap is a 100% natural soap composed mainly of plant products.
   It takes the form of a paste whose use is advocated prior scrub to rid the skin of any impurities; it promotes exfoliation of the skin in depth without irritating unlike other products that contain chemical ingredients and colorants.
   The skin is then freed of toxins and regains its purity and flexibility.

Black soap - Eucalyptus :
  Black soap Eucalyptus high quality is obtained by traditional saponification of pomace oil. It is also rich in essential oil of Eucalyptus which strengthen its cleansing property.
   Recommended as a weekly or daily exfoliating treatment, it promotes the removal of dead skin and restores youth to your skin.

Black soap - orange blossom :
   The black soap with orange blossom is a 100% natural product that combines the benefits of traditional black soap and those of the orange blossom. It helps to cleanse the skin of all impurities and soothe thanks to the moisturizing properties of orange blossom.
   Rich in vitamin E, black soap with orange blossom is suitable for all skin types.

Black soap - pennyroyal :
   Rich in essential oil of pennyroyal, black soap pennyroyal erases deep skin without irritating it by offering lasting feeling of freshness.
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